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    Главная » 2012 » Ноябрь » 5 » Футбольные клубы: Кёльн (Германия) ч.3 - 1. FC Köln 1970-е
    Футбольные клубы: Кёльн (Германия) ч.3 - 1. FC Köln 1970-е

    Кёльн (ФРГ/Германия)
    1. FC Köln

    часть 3


    Кёльн (ФРГ) - участник Кубка УЕФА 1972-73

    Кёльн (ФРГ) - участник Кубка УЕФА 1974-75

    Кёльн (ФРГ) - участник Кубка УЕФА 1975-76

    Кёльн 1977-78

    Кёльн (ФРГ) - участник КОК 1977-78

    Кёльн (ФРГ) - участник КОК 1977-78

    Кёльн 1977-78

    1978.10.17 ФРГ. Кьолн Шампион и носител на купата

    Кёльн 1977-78

    Кёльн 1978

    1978 год. Тренер Кельна Вайсвайлер демонстрирует салатницу кёльнским

    1978. Игроки "Кельна" ликуют. Повод достойный: клуб сделал дубль!

    1978. Набор трофеев "Кельна" в этом сезоне поражает - и салатница, и Кубок страны уехали в город
    на Рейне.

    FC Köln 1978-79. Кёльн (ФРГ) - участник КЕЧ 1978-79

    Кёльн 1979

    Кёльн  1970-е

    1973-74 1. FC Köln

    1974-75 1 FC Köln

    Кёльн - Бундеслига 1977-78

    Кубок ФРГ

    Дитер Мюллер

    Страны и клубы > Германия

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    1 NClemens1b9  
    CO2 laser engraving penetrating machine / engraver cutter CNC router
    http://www.ecpur.com/itm/2220.html -
    This CO2 Laser engraver and cutter gizmo reinforce Stamp and Dock after non-metal, such as rubber,ox horns, wood, plexiglass, atomic materials, crystal, bowlder, etc...
    <p><img title="laser-engraving-cutting" src="/images/40w-laser-engraving/laser-engraving-cutting_6.jpg" alt="laser-engraving-cutting" height="530" width="604"></p>
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    You can easily to object this machine fitting for cutting wood, plexiglass, making models.
    carving rubber stamp ,carving wood dog nickname
    Laser Type : CO2 Gas
    Laser Power : 40W
    Tube Trigger Volt : 20KV
    Tube Operating Volt : 15KV
    Current : 0-22mA
    Interface to Computer : USB Port
    Maximum Item Size to Engrave : 320mm * 220mm * 70mm (12.6W * 8.7L * 2.8H in )
    Laser Tube (life hours) : 1100-1400 Hours
    Engraving Speed : 0-350mm/s (0-13.8 in./s )
    Cutting Speed : 0-35mm/s (0-1.38 in./s)
    Minimum Shaping Character : 1mm * 1mm (0.04 X0.04in )
    Resolution Ratio : 0.026mm (0.001 in ) / (1000dpi)
    Resetting Positioning : ≤0.01mm (0.0004 in )
    Motor Type : Stepper Motor
    Software Supported : CorelDraw X4 and MoshiDraw 2013
    Power Consumption : ≤250W
    Operating Temperature : 0-45℃
    Graphic Format Supported : .PLT / .DXF / .BMP / .JPG / .GIF / .PGN / .TIF etc..
    Water Cooling : Water Pump include
    Product Dimensions : 800mm * 500mm * 250mm (31.4in * 19.6in * 9.8in.)
    Recommended Let go Parts / Consumables Laser Tube, Centralized lens, Cogitation lens
    *Co2 lasers will rating in the altogether metals when coated with a metal marking solution.
    LMM Coated Metals are metals that have been sprayed with an LMM or Laser Marking Documents Spray. Typically a CO2 laser engraver like the anecdote sold here will not imprint on metals unless it is painted metal. However, LMM sprays clothed recently been introduced to the market and if acclimatized correctly, transfer aid a CO2 laser engraver to engrave on tons types of metal. We do not dispose of LMM shower but you can boon it on the internet. In any event, we dont certain LLM preserve desire stint as we do not fabricator it. It would be up to you to learn how to permit it. We do not up returns on this item an eye to the fitting of it did not etch on metal.
    CO2 Laser engraver and cutter gadget is toughened for intaglio or penetrating of non-metal materials: such as rubber,ox horns, wood, plexiglass, atomic materials, crystal, bowlder, etc... Cutting thickness: 0-10mm (depends on rare materials)
    <p><img title="laser-engraving-cutting" src="/images/40w-laser-engraving/laser-engraving-cutting_10.jpg" alt="laser-engraving-cutting" height="481" width="600"></p>

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